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College Basketball Opening Week Special Offer

The college basketball season begins Friday November 14th.  We are looking forward to another successful college basketball season.  To get everyone started off on the right foot we have created an absolutely incredible offer for everyone!  We have assembled 11 of the BEST College Basketball Handicappers in the world at your disposal for you to sample.  We ran the same promo for the beginning of the football season and we also just recently did for the NBA and it was an incredible success!  You really enjoyed sampling TOP HANDICAPPERS for 7-Days and we listened to you!  Check out the special promo below and the cappers listed.

7-Days of College Basketball For ONLY $7/per capper

Sample 1 capper, 2 cappers, or all cappers!  The choice is yours!  Click on the cappers link below and it will take you right to our shopping cart.  This special $7 price, IS NOT on the handicappers bio page and can only be purchased from the links provided below.  After you sign up, you can start winning!  Signing up takes 3 minutes and the winning will begin November 14th.  Please note: cappers do pass sometimes on a day where there are college basketball games.  You will still receive 7-FULL DAYS of college basketball service.  This offer will end Friday November 23rd

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: while you can purchase as many handicappers as you want, you are only allowed to purchase 1 week from a specific handicapper.  If you purchase multiple-weeks from any of these cappers, then we will refund your entire investment and terminate your account immediately.  Please keep that in mind with this special promo offering.  We want to continue to do this each year, but if we see guys abusing this or trying to abuse this then we will stop doing these special promos.

Top College Basketball Handicappers

All 11 handicappers have been in business for more than 10 years (some with 20 or more years of experience).  When speaking with many handicappers over the years, the one common denominator about college basketball is that the lines are really soft the first 6-8 weeks of the season.  Vegas needs time to adjust and see how teams are.  So this is a great money making opportunity for you.  Check out the 11 handicappers below (no particular order):

Carolina Sports

Top NCAA-B Picks (+1039)  38-26  L64 59%…Dime-Players up $10,039 with last 64 Top-Plays.
03'- 04' Net Profit $12,780
04'- 05' Net Profit $15,360
05'- 06' Net Profit $22,600
March Madness '12-'14: Net Profit $8200

$7, 7-Days of Carolina Sports College Basketball Premium Picks: CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW


Johnny Wynn

No one, and we mean no one should miss of Johnny Wynn's Top-Informational Plays from the sharps in Vegas or his Personal Best Top-Plays.  Top-Info Plays have cashed over 65% in college basketball the last 4 years.  Sample the success today!

$7, 7-Days of Johnny Wynn's College Basketball Premium Picks: CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW


Kyle Hunter

We are excited to have the #1 College Basketball since 2009 with us for this promotion!  Kyle Hunter CRUSHES college basketball!  Check out some of his stats listed below.

$1,000 bettors are up $97,040 on Kyle’s NCAA Basketball Plays since December 23, 2009!

$500 bettors are up $48,250 on Kyle's NCAA Basketball Plays since December 23, 2009

$7, 7-Days of Kyle Hunter's College Basketball Premium Picks: CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW


Rocky Atkinson

Very selective handicapper and sometimes will pass for a few days til he sees the right situation.  When he sees it, he pounds the game and so do his clients.

NCAA-B Picks (+3428)  264-212  L476 55% (over the last couple of years)…+34,280 for Dime-Players

$7, 7-Days of Rocky Atkinson's College Basketball Premium Picks: CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW


Vernon Croy

#2 OVERALL CBB HANDICAPPER LAST SEASON: 2013-14 (+2768)…Dime-Players +$27,680
#1 SC SCORE IN 2013-14 AT 3.92

$7, 7-Days of Vernon Croy's College Basketball Premium Picks: CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW


Rocky's Lock Club

These plays from Rocky's Guaranteed Lock Club are based on imformation received and released to the public close to game time. You will be notified through email when they are released. 

Basketball Picks (+3913) 405-338 last 743, 55%…Dime-Players are + $39,130

$7, 7-Days of Rocky's Lock Club College Basketball Premium Picks: CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW


Pure Lock

If you don't like a ton of action then you will love Pure Lock.

Top NCAA-B Picks (+1420)  112-91  L203 55%… Dime-Players are +$14,200

7-Days of Pure Lock's College Basketball Premium Picks: CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW



Over 43 years in the business.  If you like top, quality action, then sample GamePlan today!

NCAA-B Picks (+1124)  99-82  L181 55%…Dime-Players are +$11,240

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Legend Joe D

High-Associates and contacts through the family business is second to now.  Sample some big plays for only $7.  8 big winning college basketball seasons out of the last 10.  Join now!

7-Days of the Legend Joe D's College Basketball Premium Picks: CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW


Doc's Sports

Over 43 years in the business.  Doc's Sports is legendary through the community of college basketball.

NCAA-B Picks (+5431)  431-353  L784 55%…Dime-Players are +$54,310

7-Days of Doc's Sports College Basketball Premium Picks: CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW


R&R Totals

College Basketball are the most over-looked way to win big money in college basketball.  R&R only releass totals. This is just another path to make some serious cash.  Don't overlook R&R.  Check out their recent stats:

 Top NCAA-B Picks (+4773)  253-188  L441 57%…Dime-Players are +$47,730

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