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Guest Writers

Guest Writers

Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest writer for Guest writers who’s articles are chosen for publication on our site will receive full credit for their article.
CSwins embraces new perspectives and is excited to offer you a chance to submit your articles for inclusion on our site. Please keep in mind that we will not be able to accept all articles that are submitted, but if your article is sports-related, well written, and offers unique content that will be exclusive to CSwins, we would like to include your writing on the site.

All articles submitted must be related sports and/or sports betting. Our most popular topics are useful sports betting tips. Our goal is to provide a vast knowledge base to our customers to help them become more informed in their sports betting choices. If you feel like you have the expertise to contribute to that goal, then you have come to the right place.

Article Length
Ideally, all articles need to be 500 words or more; however, this guideline may be lowered if we feel you are able to accurately convey your message in fewer words.

We sometimes edit posts for spelling, grammar, or style to better fit our site. We will do our best to preserve your overall message, but sometimes titles and content need to be reworded to ensure your article is getting maximum exposure.

All articles written for must be 100% exclusive content. We do not want content that is posted elsewhere and we will not accept any content that is not your own unique work. (Yes, we will check this out.)

Submitting Your Work
If you still feel like your articles would be a good fit for, please submit your article complete with your “bio”, and if you have a site or Blog, the details of the site for linking purposes to After a brief review, we will contact you to discuss posting your work on CSwins.

Thank you! Admin