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How To Choose Sports Handicappers

How To Choose Sports Handicappers

How to choose top sports handicappers

With over 75 handicappers at our site it can be a little overwhelming for some novice sports bettors who are looking for advice from professionals. Let’s just say this, you won’t find a better group of cappers anywhere. Many handicappers come and go but the ones that at our site are ones you should definitely take into high consideration.

On the right hand side of the sidebar you will see a list of top handicappers. This has been assembled by me and people that I work with. I look at several factors when putting a handicapper on the right had side. I feel these are the cream of the crop so to speak. There are 55 other cappers at the site and you can find all of them here but the 20 on the right hand side are special. I will have probably 5 more added in the future as they meet the criteria that have been set.

What are the criteria to being listed as a ‘Top Handicapper’ at our site? Here are a few things we look for:
1) How long as the handicapper been in business?
– If the capper or service has been in business for 1 year, they won’t make the list even if after the first year they were very good. We are looking for a minimum of 4 years as a capper (service) or a capper affiliated with another service who then now as ventured out on their own.

2) Is the handicapper documented?
– As you can see from our site all of the handicappers are documented at this site, so this is no brainer that you will need to worry about. Other cappers are also monitored by 3rd-party independent monitoring services like The Sports Monitor and SportsWatchMonitor.

3) Do they have top rankings?
-Let’s be honest, this is an important category if not the most important. Does a capper win consistently? Handicappers do not win all the time, but can they show that they have had a proven track record in certain sports over the year? We look for cappers who excel in certain sports, if not all sports.  Have they finished in the TOP 15, TOP 10, TOP 5?

4) Does a handicapper have a viable money management system?
– How does a handicapper manage your money with a ratings system? Does a capper rate all games the same, do they have 2-3 ratings they use for games, 10 ratings for games? Are the ratings legit? This means does a capper release a 1-star play for 1-game and 100-star game for another? That is not proper money management.

If you follow all four factors you will be an educated consumer when making your purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: FREE PICKS ARE NOT PART OF A HANDICAPPERS OVERALL RECORD. FREE PICKS ARE HANDICAPPERS PLAYS THAT ARE NOT AS STRONG AS THEIR PREMIUM PICKS. We always tell our clients to use caution when playing free picks and to never put a lot of their bankroll on a free pick.

Some handicappers are great in certain sports. Some handicappers are good in all sports. At the bottom we will give you a list of what we feel are some of the top handicappers for you to choose in certain sports. By no means does that mean that if a handicapper is not on that list, that they are not profitable in that sport. It just means I am giving you who I feel are the best. Obviously, I would love for you to sample our service (Carolina Sports), but check out our list below.

Top College Football Handicappers (as of 8/1/2015)
1. Trev Rogers – One of the best college cappers there is. I love his consistency he has shown over the years.

2. Joe D (Joe DelPopolo) – even after a sub-par 2014 season, overall the college football records cannot be matched over the last 11 years. +1328-stars since 2004 in college football ($50/star = +$66,400 profit).  He would have been listed #1 if it were not for the bad season last year.  He will bounce back big in college this year.

3. Johnny Wynn – again, even after a sub-par 2014 season he has18 years in the business and his sources and contacts are second to none. His Top-Informational Plays should never be missed.

4. Jack Jones – Hard to pass of Jack as he shows his talents year after year in college. Coming off an incredible 2014 season

5. Carolina Sports – We are going to put our service at #5. 21 years in the business with numerous top 5 college football rankings a two #1 titles, it would be tough for you to overlook what we have done. Sample our success today and give us a shot.

6. Rocky Atkinson (Rocketman Sports) – If you like quality over quantity then Rocky is your man. He has been in business for as long as we have and his clients are disciplined and make a nice profit with him.

7. Pure Lock – If you like to just play 1 to 2 games per week, then Pure Lock is your answer. They deal with high percentages (including a documented 14-0 in 2006 regular-season). Pure Lock is definitely worth a play every week.

8. Johnny Banks – No client should miss Banks BIG PLAYS!  No one!

9. GamePlan – No one knows college football like GamePlan.  If you don’t know them, then you don’t know football.

10. Art Aronson – Art is solid and is a well-respected college handicapper.

Top NFL Handicappers (as of 8/1/2015) 
1. Joe D (Joe DelPopolo) – Joe D makes my list for both college and NFL.  11 straight winning NFL campaigns.  Does not release a ton of NFL games.  Very picky BUT very good when he releases NFL plays.  Since 2004, +1361-stars in the NFL ($50/star = +$68,050 profit)

2. Scott Rickenbach – is as solid a handicapper as they come in the NFL. Sample his success today.

3. Steven Nover – Several years in the business and his NFL success has been fantastic

4. Trev Rogers – Trev makes my list in both College and NFL. Just a solid handicapper with a track record to match.

5. Kyle Hunter – gotta love Kyle and what he can produce for his clients in the NFL every year. Several years in the business and he is still going strong.

6. Dave Price – can’t leave Mr Price off this NFL list. He is as solid as they come. Really produces big winners with his TOP-PLAYS

7. Jimmy Boyd – I love Jimmy Boyd’s analysis and consistency with his NFL picks. Check him out now!

8. Doc’s Sports – Over 40 years in the industry and Doc’s Sports is still going strong.  Doc is as consistent as they come.

9. Matt Fargo – Consistent, consistent, consistent.  You will love Matt’s analysis of his plays as well as the WINNERS!

10. Carolina Sports – I put our service in the top 10 because of our success in the NFLX and Playoffs over the last 20 years.  Plus some top 5 finishes in the NFL regular-season.

TOP NBA Handicappers (coming soon)

TOP College Basketball Handicappers (coming soon)